Sunday, 25 March 2012

1. Letterforms

Exploring the unique forms and poetic compositional potential of the letters from my initials - LRC.

First I tried the typeface Bodoni. I wanted to see what shapes of interest appeared by placing the letters in different positions. I wanted to do this before using the 180mm x 180mm template for the final compositions:

I like the stem of the L and the counter shape of the C with this typeface.

I then tried the font Impact. At first I didn't like Impact but once I started to experiment with the different letters I found it created nice fat bold shapes:

I then started to cut out the letters properly and used the cut out stencils to overlap. Below I am using Impact and below that Helvetica Neue which I found has a very nice counter shape. This time I made the font size 150pt-500pt. Unfortunately these photos didn't come out very well as I was using the camera on my phone at night.

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